Sun, Rain, Wind...Welcome to 2012....9th February 2012Sun, Rain, Wind...Welcome to 2012....9th February 2012

Well here we are into the second month of the year already! Christmas is just a distant memory.....

It has been great catching up with a lot of our clients in the last month. Talk soon turns to what we all did over the break, who managed to get good weather, who didn't. who made the naughty list...who didn't!

January always seems to be a transition month, we all start back at different times and it really takes a while to get your head back into the game.

Well no excuses now. February sees us busy once more with various clients re-branding, expanding, moving and grooving. And we are loving it! The workshop is pumping and the phone is running hot (even if the weather isn't)

Welcome back everyone!!