Red Zone Action - 5th November 2011

We have recently been involved in signwriting in the Cashel Street "Container Mall" This has been an exciting time to see the central city start to open up. It also gave us the chance to view some of the damage up close before the fencing moved in. It is easy to see why the CBD will be out of action for sometime yet, but the return of people to the centre of Christchurch is a good positive sign leading into our busiest time.....Cup week & Christmas.

Still closed 16 Aug 2011

Yep, were still closed. Due to another heavy snowfall overnight travel around the city is going to be difficult.
Therefore we will be closed today and hopefully all going to plan, open and ready to go tomorrow

Closed due to snow AGAIN! 15 Aug 2011

Due to the snow and forecasts that it will get worse today we will be closed all of Monday and will make a decision tomorrow once we know better what the day will bring.


Because sometimes the city really needs Snowmen more than it needs signs!

Due to the snow that has fallen over night and predicted to last until later today we have no choice but to follow the police reccomendations to stay closed for the day. With frostbitten fingers and sore arms from throwing snowballs, Tuesday will see us back to a normal routine (if such a thing exists)

Deja Vu -13th June 2011

This afternoons quake certainly had an all too familiar feel to it and a sad case of Deja Vu as we watched the water and sand (with a slight smell of poo) start to come up in the workshop once the shaking stopped.

(the joys of living in a city built on an old riverbed!) Being on site gave us a chance to move certain pieces to "higher ground" We will be open again tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) trying to get dug out (at least we know how to clean it up) Hopefully if the power is back on we will be operating straight away.

All our equipment has come through OK and we are ready once more to pick ourselves up and let Mother Nature know that while she can push us around we are determined to carry on and help as many Christchurch businesses as possible carry on too!

Rocking on

3 months on from the big shake and we are currently working on various projects across this changed city of ours. We have recently completed signwriting x3 large "Community Care" camper vans for The Salvation Army. They are out around the city in various locations doing fantastic work helping people recover.

With the snow season just around the corner we will be gearing up for the work that this will bring. Now is a good time to make contact if you are considering a signage project of your own, either now or in the near future.

Shaken and stirred back into action

We are glad to report that we have survived the earthquake, and are here to help. The building (and us for that matter) were given a real good shake around, but our staff, equipment, printers and vehicles all held up in great shape. We are also luckily outside the cordon, so can get back on track right away.

If you need any quick turnaround signage be sure to get in contact, and we can get the best solution for you and your company.